AG Harry Vardon


The Harry Vardon


Presented by

J. Vivian Holman


Awarded annually to the member with the best
overall performance during the year




J Vivian Holman was a member of the Society and also a member of the South Hertfordshire Golf Club where Harry Vardon spent the last 30 years of his life as the professional. Furthermore Vivian Holman was son-in-law to Hal Ludlow who was the much-admired sculptor of the statuette. In fact, when Harry Vardon saw the statuette he said ‘When I finish like that I know I have hit a good shot’. When Hal Ludlow died a miniature of the statuette was given to the Aero GS which Vivian Holman presented to the Society as a trophy with sponsorship from the Percival Aircraft Co. As the inscription on the trophy states, it was awarded for the best scratch score at one of the Society's events. This occurred until 2001 when the MacPherson Trophy took its place and the Harry Vardon was elevated to an annual award for the best overall score.

Current Holder – Nigel Dowdall

As the Scratch Medal

1954 Sir Robert Hardingham 1955 John B Waite 1956 P.L.W. Morton
1957 R.I. Lickley 1958 J.H. Mayes 1959 J.G.N. Drummond
1960 J.A. Boulger 1961 Lord Brabazon of Tara 1962 F.G. Taylor
1963 J.R. Bryans 1964 D.H. Steel 1965 J.G.N. Drummond
1966 G.K.N. Lloyd 1967 R.R.S. Cook 1968 R. Lickley
1969 D.H. Steel 1970 H.K. Cartwright 1971 D.H. Steel
1972 W.B. Cairns 1973 M.T. Harding-Rolls 1974 J.A. Dearlove
1975 J.A. Corbishley 1976 T.W. Lamb 1977 CTD (Sox) Hosegood
1978 M.T. Harding-Rolls 1979 John B Waite 1980 John B Waite
1981 T.W. Lamb 1982 J.E.D. Scott 1983 M.D. Gribbin
1984 P.A. Woolings 1985 Ron G Ashford 1986 Ray R Curtis
1987 D.A. Air 1988 John Dearlove 1989 John Dearlove
1990 Brian Walpole 1991 Brian Walpole 1992 Brian Walpole
1993 W.D. Lang 1994 G Robbie James 1995 Patrick B Hine
1996 Sir Patrick Hine 1997 Sir Patrick Hine 1998 Brian Walpole
1999 Sir Patrick Hine 2000 Sir Patrick Hine

As Best Overall Performance

2001 Brian Walpole 2002 Bob J Pearson 2003 Brian Walpole
2004 Sir Patrick Hine 2005 Sir Roger Palin 2006 Bob Pearson
2007 Sir Patrick Hine 2008 Bob J Pearson 2009 Mike H Shields
2010 Andrew D Sweetman 2011 David A Hobart 2012 Eddie Axten
2013 Peter A Bedford 2014 Jeff Turner 2015 Eddie Axten
2016 Jeff Turner 2017 Phill O'Dell 2018  Nigel Dowdall