AG George Bulman


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Awarded to the annual winner of
best overall performance in the
15 & over handicap category



Bulman G

In the last Huricane

LastHuricane Bulman

Group Captain Paul Ward Spencer “George” Bulman CBE, MC, AFC (2bars) FRAeS started his flying career in the First World War during which he was awarded the Military Cross and his first AFC when with No3 Squadron, RFC. He held a permanent commission after the war and began his test flying career at RAE Farnborough. His greatest work was done with Hawker Aircraft, which he joined (when it was H. G. Hawker Engineering Co) in 1925. In due course, he was to become its Chief Test Pilot and a Director of the company.

George's heyday as a test pilot was in the late 20s and up to the beginning of the war in 1939. His zenith was reached when the Hawker Hart and Fury were being interpreted from Sydney Camm's drawing board to the delightful and immensely successful aircraft they became.  For 20 years he worked closely with Sir Sydney when the latter was the company's chief designer and, at Brooklands, on 6 Nov 1935 he flew the prototype Hurricane. He finally retired from the aircraft industry in 1945 and died on 6 May 1963 aged 67.

He became known as “George” because he had a poor memory for names, and so tended to call everybody George. When friends and colleagues called Bulman "George" in response, the nickname stuck.

 He was an active member of the Aero GS and won the Flight Trophy in 1946. After his death in 1963, a new trophy was created the following year in his honour which is awarded annually to the best overall performance in the Over 15 handicap category.

Current Holder – Ian Senior

1964 P.L.W. Morton 1965 G.K.N. Lloyd 1966 J.P. MacPherson
1967 J.G.N. Drummond 1968 J.R. Grant 1969 J.N. Dobbin
1970 J.H. Giles 1971 D. Parker 1972 John B Waite
1973 R.P. Priest 1974 Donald H Steel 1975 W.W. Hinks
1976 I.G.W. Robertson 1977 Donald H Steel 1978 B.D. Cayford
1979 C.M. Little 1980 J. Nivison 1981 J.E.D. Scott
1982 M.R. Alderson 1983 J. Nivison 1984 G.S. Goode
1985 W.C. Parke 1986 John B Waite 1987 B.D. Cayford
1988 W.D. Lang 1989 David L John 1990 W.C. Parke
1991 A.R. Keys 1992 Malcolm A Mitchell 1993 Ken J Goodwin
1994 J.H. Spencer 1995 Sandy J Hay 1996 John MP Rutherford
1997 Chris J Isacke 1998 Ray R Curtis 1999 David L John
2000 David L John 2001 Geoff JB Claridge 2002 David L John
2003 Brian A Whittingham 2004 Brian A Whittingham 2005 Brian A Whittingham
2006 Bill E Morris 2007 N.E.B. Pack 2008 Nick I Hamilton
2009 Ray Corstin 2010 Ray Corstin 2011 Ray Corstin
2012 Ray Corstin 2013 Ray Corstin 2014 Brian A Whittingham
2015 Ray Corstin 2016  Ian Senior
2017 Ian Senior
2018 Ian Senior