AG Hunting



Awarded to the winner of the Singles Stableford
at the Autumn Guest meeting held at
Walton Heath Golf Club &
Worplesdon from 2018

Hunting was a British aircraft manufacturing company which absorbed Percival Aircraft Co, who had produced the original piston Provost. They then developed the Jet Provost which entered service with the RAF in 1955 and left 38 years later in 1993. Hunting also initiated the development of the BAC 1-11 before they became part of British Aircraft Co in 1960.
The first winner of the Hunting Trophy was our first President, Lord Brabazon of Tara, at the age of 77!  He died 3 years later in 1964.

Current Holder – Ian Wood

1961 Lord Brabazon of Tara 1962 G A V Tyson 1963 G K N Lloyd
1964 Donald H Steel 1965 J G N Drummond 1966 E McNamara
1967 Donald H Steel 1968 R R S Cook 1969 R T Barnfield
1970 R R S Cook 1971 K D Morgan 1972 J E D Scott
1973 Captain Bill Morris 1974 A S Wheate 1975 D Gray
1976 M D Gribbin 1977 W W Hinks 1978 W D Lang
1979 A R Swanton 1980 C T D (Sox) Hosegood 1981 S B Oliver
1982 P O V Green 1983 W J L Harries 1984 S B Oliver
1985 Ron G Ashford 1986 Ray R Curtis 1987 D A Air
1988 Tony Casdagli 1989 John Dearlove 1990 H A Griffiths
1991 Brian Walpole 1992 John Dearlove 1993 W D Lang
1994 J S Hart 1995 Sandy J Hay 1996 Patrick B Hine
1997 Captain Ray Piercy   1998 Sir Patrick Hine 1999 Sir Michael Alcock
2000 Sir Patrick Hine 2002 Sir Michael Alcock 2002 W A Rice
2003 Bob Pearson 2004 Brian Walpole 2005 W D Lowe
2006 Bob Pearson 2007 Bob Pearson 2008 Brian Walpole
2009 T G Thorn 2010 Nigel Dowdall 2011 S D Butler
2012 Ray F Corstin 2013 David A Hobart  2014 David A Hobart 
2015 David A Hobart  2016 David A Hobart 2017
Sir Barry Thornton
2018 Nigel Dowdall 2019 Ian Wood