AG Jack Bryans Stableford

Jack Bryans

Stableford trophy

Donated by the Aeroplane magazine

presented by jack bryans

Awarded to the winner of the Singles Stableford at the Summer Medal meeting




The Aeroplane Magazine was a weekly magazine first published in 1911 and it continues today as a monthly magazine. Jack Bryans contacted the Aeroplane magazine and they were persuaded to donate a number of trophies to the Aero GS. One of these trophies was designated the Stableford Trophy to be played for by members at the Summer Meeting. It is not an Over 70s trophy and is awarded to the player with the best stableford score, excluding those who have won the Instone and /or the McPherson medal trophies. Unfortunately the trophies are all very similar to other Jack Bryans Aeroplane Trophies and, over the years, the trophies have been confused such that some are incorrectly engraved. This trophy is engraved “Summer Meeting – Stableford Trophy”. The listing below has now been corrected and shows the actual winners although the trophy will remain incorrectly engraved with the names in brackets

Current Holder – Sir Patrick Hine

1995 Tony Casdagli 1996 Ray Curtis 1997 David John
1998 Bob Pearson 1999 Alan Hensher 2000 Bertie W Vigrass
2001 Bill C Parke 2002 Geoff Cairns
(Ronnie Pew)
2003 David John
(Ronnie Pew)
2004 Brian Whittingham (Bill Morris) 2005 Ross Colwill 2006 Nick Pack
(Bill Morris)
2007 Jeff Turner
(Bill Morris)
2008 Ron DeFrees
(Bill Morris)
2009 Sir Michael Alcock
(Bill Morris)
2010 David Hobart
(Bill Morris)
2011 Syd Gillibrand
(David Forbes)
2012 Brian Whittingham
2013 Ian Dunlop (1) 2014 Jon Marks (1) 2015 Jon Marks
2016 Roger Whitefield
2017 Roger Whitefield 2018
 Roger Whitefield
2019 Sir Patrick Hine

(1) These trophies were incorrectly awarded as an Over 70s prize as this trophy is open to all age groups.