AG Jack Bryans

Donated by
The AEROPLANE Magazine
Presented by Jack Bryans
Awarded to the annual winner of the best overall performance
in the Over 75 age category



The Aeroplane Magazine donated a number of trophies to the Society through Jack Bryans, a long standing member and his name appears on a number of our trophies. As the trophies are very similar there has been confusion with other trophies. As a consequence this trophy has been incorrectly engraved with the names in brackets. The actual winners are listed below.

Current Holder – Brian Whittingham


1991 R.A. Brown 1992 C.T.D(Sox) Hosegood 1993 David L John
1994 C.T.D(Sox) Hosegood 1995 W.C. Parke 1996 C.T.D(Sox) Hosegood
1997 W.C. Parke     1998 Ken J Goodwin 1999 W.C. Parke
2000 Geoff JB Claridge 2001 Geoff JB Claridge 2002 David L John
2003 David L John 2004 Bill E Morris 2005 Ross S Colwill
2006 Sir Patrick Hine 2007 Sir Patrick Hine 2008 Bill E Morris
2009 D.I. Aldous 2010 David A Hobart 2011 Brian St   Clair
2012 Bill E Morris 2013 Brian A Whittingham 2014 Brian A Whittingham
2015 Richard Burn 2016 Ross S Colwill
2017 Sir Patrick Hine
2018 Brian Whittingham