AG Shaw 2

The Shaw Trophy





2nd Lt H Shaw was the Aero Champion golfer from 1922-28 and the driver in the picture belonged to him. It was presented to the Aero GS by a relative in 2011 and the Captain of the day, Dick Searle, and the Committee concluded that it would be appropriate to create a Captain’s “Badge of Office” to record both Shaw’s memory and their role as Captain. Engraved silver tags were attached to the driver through donations by the Society and past Captains, dating back to 2000.


Current Captain – Captain Mike C Nixon OBE RN



Commander Wilfred Briggs RN


Commander Wilfred Briggs RN


Commander Wilfred Briggs RN

1925 Sir Henry White-Smith 1926 E.J.B. How 1927

Charles Richard Fairey (Fairey Aviation)

1928 Percival Barry 1929 Brig General Alfred Cecil Critchley CMG CBE DSO 1930 AJA Wallace Barr
1931 EN Clifton 1932

Frederick Handley Page CBE

1933 Sir Robert McLean
1934 Flt Lt L. Massey Hilton 1935 Major C.J.W. Darwin 1936

Lieutenant Colonel

W.A Bristow

1937 Major R.H. Mayo 1938 Flt Lt P.W.S. Bulman 1939 Alan Goodfellow
1940/45 No Election 1946

Sir Frederick

Handley Page CBE

1947 Major A. Mitchell Clarke
1948 F. McKenna 1949 A.E.L. Skinner 1950 G.A.V. Tyson
1951 W.A. Summers 1952 J.C Macpherson 1953 R.S. Stafford

Gp Capt C.S. Morice DSO MC

1955 K.D. Morgan 1956 P.Q. Reiss
1957 Robert Earnest Hardingham CMG OBE 1958 C.F. Boyes 1959 P.L. Morton
1960 R.L. Lickley 1961 John B. Waite 1962 Jack R. Bryans
1963 I.D. Roxburgh AFC AFM 1964 J.A. Boulger 1965 J.G.N. Drummond
1966/7 Donald H Steel 1968 Frederick Alfred Laker 1969 Sir Walter Puckey KB
1970 Wg Cdr C.G.B. McClure AFC 1971 D. Parker 1972 J.R. Grant
1973/4 Captain T.W. Lamb RN 1975 C (Sox) TD Hosegood 1976 W.B. Cairns AFC
1977 M.R. Alderson OBE 1978 R.T. Barnfield 1979 Dr A.R. Swanton
1980 Air Cdre P.O.V. Green AFC 1981 Sqn Ldr M.T. Harding-Rolls 1982 AVM Geoff C Cairns CBE AFC
1983 B.D. Cayford DFC 1984 Rear Adm I.G.W. Robertson CB DSC 1985 Wg Cdr G.K.N. Lloyd AFC
1986 Dr B.J. O’Kane CBE 1987 Captain M.W. Sylvester CBE 1988 John A Dearlove
1989 John MP Rutherford 1990 Captain Alan A Henshaw MBE RN 1991 Rear Adm W.D. Lang CB
1992 Michael A Mitchell VRD 1993 Wg Cdr Chris TB Peile 1994 David L John
1995 Captain Tony Casdagli CBE RN 1996 Wg Cdr Brian E St Clair 1997 John H Spencer
1998 Captain Brian O Walpole OBE 1999 Captain Chris J Isacke RN 2000 ACM Sir Patrick Hine GCB GBE
2001 Air Cdre Geoff JB Claridge 2002 Captain Jack Worth RN 2003 ACM Sir Michael Alcock KBE GCB
2004 Captain Brian A Whittingham RN 2005 ACM Sir Roger Palin KCB OBE 2006 Air Cdre Lloyd A Doble OBE
2007 Ross S Colwill 2008 Gp Capt Mike S Shields 2009 AVM Ron D Elder CBE
2010 Lt Col Simon WG Pettigrew 2011 Richard G Searles Esq 2012 AVM David A Hobart CB
2013 Ray H Corstin 2014 AVM Keith D Filbey CBE 2015 Wg Cdr David HW Backhouse
2016 Captain Mike C Nixon OBE RN 2017 Jeff Turner 2018 Air Commodore Andy Sweetman