AG Past Captains




Individual Stableford over 18 holes at the Annual
Committee and Past Captains Meeting




There is currently no history on the origins of this trophy which is played for, as the title suggests, at the Past Captains meeting, coincident with the annual Committee meeting.

Current Holder – David Hobart

1996 David L John 1997 Brian E St Clair 1998 John A Dearlove
1999 Chris TB Peile 2000 Not Played 2001 Sir Patrick Hine
2002 Sir Patrick Hine 2003 Brian Walpole 2004 Sir Michael Alcock
2005 Brian Whittingham 2006 Sir Michael Alcock 2007 Sir Patrick Hine
2008 Jack Worth 2009 Brian E St Clair 2010 Ron D Elder
2011 Brian Walpole 2012 Ron D Elder 2013 David A Hobart
2014 David A Hobart 2015 Ray Corstin 2017 David Backhouse
2018 Mike Nixon 2019 David Hobart