AG Harold Perrin

     Harold Perrin


       Presented by

        Mrs D Perrin


Awarded annually to the member with the
best performance during the year in the under
15 handicap category




Perrin H

Lieutenant-Commander Harold Ernest Perrin CBE (c.1878–9 April 1948) was a British aviation pioneer. He was the secretary of the Royal Aero Club from 1903 to 1945, and in this capacity signed more than 20,000 private pilots' licences. He was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1936. He was known as ‘Harold the Hearty’, an early balloonist, brilliant organizer and superb raconteur who fostered and encouraged the members’ natural bent towards enthusiastic, determined and argumentative individuality in the battle against authority to establish the right to freedom in developing Britain’s remarkable lead in aviation.

This trophy was presented in 1948 by Mrs D Perrin in memory of her husband who was a founding member of the society and its first Honorary Secretary from 1922 until 1947. Most interestingly this silver trophy was originally presented by the Automobile Golfing Society, as the Motor Goblet, to HE Perrin in 1928 before being recycled into the trophy it is today.


Current Holder – David Hobart

1948 CPM Hunting 1949 CPM Hunting 1950 PQ Reiss
1951 KD Morgan 1952 JAT Ryde 1953 Sir Walter Puckey
1954 Lord Brabazon of Tara 1955 CS Morice/RL Lickley 1956 LG Frise
1957 PLW Morton 1958 DP Hepburn 1959 Freddie A Laker
1960 KD Morgan 1961 John B Waite 1962 Donald HG Steel
1963 RL Lickley 1964 Douglas RS Bader 1965 Donald HG Steel
1966 Donald HG Steel 1967 J Cochrane 1968 Donald HG Steel
1969 RT Barnfield 1970 Donald HG Steel 1971 RT Barnfield
1972 AR Swanton 1973 AR Swanton 1974 MT Harding-Rolls
1975 POV Green 1976 MO Gribbin 1977 TM Bullock
1978 JA Corbishley 1979 WJL Harries 1980 AR Swanton
1981 PJ Barber 1982 MT Harding-Rolls 1983 WJL Harries
1984 AR Swanton 1985 M Vivian 1986 AR Swanton
1987 JA Corbishley 1988 Tony Casdagli 1989 JA Corbishley
1990 John A Dearlove 1991 Jim McKenzie 1992 Tony Casdagli
1993 JA Corbishley 1994 John S Hart 1995 John A Dearlove
1996 John A Dearlove 1997 Brian O Walpole 1998 Sir Patrick Hine
1999 Bob J Pearson 2000 Brian O Walpole 2001 Bob J Pearson
2002 Sir Michael Alcock 2003 Sir Michael Alcock 2004 Sir Michael Alcock
2005 Sir Patrick Hine 2006 Brian O Walpole 2007 David A Hobart
2008 John BV Collins 2009 Jeff Turner 2010 Jeff Turner
2011 Bob J Pearson 2012 David A Hobart 2013 Mike H Shields
2014 Eddie Axten 2015 David HW Backhouse 2016  Anthony King
2017 David Hobart 2018  David Hobart